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Our Mission is to provide healthcare that is holistic and tailored to your individual needs. We understand that every body has unique health issues that need to be treated individually. We will endeavor to investigate the issues at hand and inevitability work to achieving a resolution. We strive for consistency in providing outstanding care that is comprehensive and thorough. We are an energetic team that will inspire, advise and treat you on a healthier lifestyle.

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HealthKlinix Newsletter – July 2022

Optimise Your Physio Treatment Physiotherapy treatment is so important for facilitating injury healing, preventing new …

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HealthKlinix Newsletter – May 2022

LIFE HACK: 3 GREAT OFFICE STRETCHES Human bodies are made to move for most of …

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HealthKlinix Newsletter – April 2022

VITAMIN D AND YOUR HEALTH We are all well educated about the dangers of sun …

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HealthKlinix Newsletter – February 2022

RUNNING TIPS FROM YOUR PHYSIO Running is a hugely rewarding sport that can be done …

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Chiropractic Care vs Pain Medication

A recent study done with over 100,000 participants found that patients with spinal pain who saw a chiropractor had half the risk of filling an opioid prescription.

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Ankle Sprain Exercises- Latest Clinical Research

Research shows that once you have a lateral ankle sprain it increases your chances of having another! Afterwards the ankle joint may become unstable and can take a long time to recover, especially if the neurological pathway connecting the foot and the brain is disrupted. Including short foot exercises into your rehabilitation could accelerate your recovery from ankle sprains and help prevent chronic ankle instability.

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