Exercise Physiologist

Patrick is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist. He completed his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science in 2021, and Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2024. Patrick is a Ballarat local and has been heavily involved in exercise and sport for over 20 years in his lead role as a Martial Arts and Self-Defense instructor at Trainor Taekwondo. He is passionate when it comes to making exercise accessible for all and is a firm believer that anyone can benefit from appropriately prescribed exercise.

Patrick considers all needs of his clients to ensure the best possible outcomes to facilitate their goals. Through in-depth assessments, appropriate exercise prescription, and review consultations that ensure appropriate progression, Patrick aims to deliver exercise interventions that are enjoyable and effective. He is passionate about using exercise to treat and manage all kinds of health concerns and is particularly interested in musculoskeletal conditions, sports rehabilitation, neurological conditions, and mental health.