Servers for Medical AI

HealthKlinix is introducing a new product for the Australian medical startups in Machine Learning industry and for researchers looking to scale their AI training experiments. HealthKlinix servers for medical AI is a cost effective way to run high performance computations and train your machine learning models. Our datacenter offers scalable, parallel computing GPU dense servers that are built for high performance. Applications include:

  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scientific Computing
  • Data Analytics

Our professional software engineers will help you tailor your AI journey. Our server resources are ideal for medium to large corporate partners looking to access unprecedented compute resources at industry leading rates.

Renewable Energy Source

Today using renewable energy sources is more important than ever. With our planet suffering from the warmest season in history, we understand our partners commitment to the most ecologically friendly compute. We are proud to stipulate that our data centres are located in regions where power comes from up to 100% renewable sources, primarily hydro electric stations.

Using our servers for medical AI powered by renewable energy makes will help your projects stand out and be more competitive in terms of CO2 impact on the atmosphere. We understand that machine learning models can be very resource and power hungry and we are here to help you offset the impact of your research on the planet’s future.

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