CO Chief Executive Officer


Andrianna Benjamin is our CO – Chief Executive Officer of HealthKlinix Australia. As CO – CEO Andrianna strengthens the organisations values, commitment, growth, major leadership, strategy, governance, policy, operational improvements, performance management and ensuring to deliver high quality practitioners and staff in each practice across our nationally based company.

Andrianna’s expertise can be expressed through her many professional accomplishments over the past 10 years of dedication to the company.

Andrianna has proven to run a very successful operations within all practices nationally

A strong communicator, Andrianna is able to influence business goals, boards, business partners and stakeholders to empower their teams to achieve. She’s highly motivated to making a difference, possessing a strong vision and insight into emerging opportunities.

Andrianna enjoys working with all our teams and seeing the changes they are making in the lives of all our patients that come through each practice. At a community level, Andrianna’s home town is Tumut N.S.W. She has a vast knowledge of our region the Snowy Valleys and has an exceptional and outstanding reputation in our local area and it’s Medical Sector of the Snowy Valleys Council area, she also has vast expertise in construction and Project/Design Management of Medical Centre’s throughout Australia. Andrianna entered Local Government in September 2017 and was an elected Councillor for Snowy Valleys Council.